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Risk of invasive disease in preterm infants given Probiotics

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is providing important safety information to healthcare providers on the use of products containing live bacteria or yeast (commonly called probiotics) in preterm infants in hospital settings. Preterm infants taking probiotics are at risk of invasive disease and possible death from the bacteria and yeast contained in the probiotics.

Distinguish between probiotics and digestive enzymes

Currently, many people confuse probiotics and digestive enzymes when used for children. If you confuse these two types of enzymes and use them incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect, affecting the digestive system of children later on. So how are digestive enzymes and probiotics different?

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection - How to prevent it?

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a leading cause of illness in young children and is also a prevalent global pathogen responsible for lower respiratory tract infections across all age groups. Approximately 60% of children are infected before the age of 1, and up to 80% have contracted RSV by the age of 2.

BIOLAC - Useful tips for mom in handling digestive disorders in children

Gastrointestinal disorders in children are a condition in which the sphincter of the digestive system spasms abnormally causing symptoms such as: abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, raw stool ... Gastrointestinal disorders in children are not life-threatening, but if prolonged, they can lead to malnutrition, delayed physical and intellectual development.


Normally, during digestion, nutrients from food are absorbed by the small intestine, carried into the bloodstream, and reach tissues, muscles, and organs to assist in the performance of life-sustaining, building, and growing functions. However, in some people, no matter how adequate the diet is, the body still has nutritional deficiencies, affecting health.

What are probiotics and their role in the digestive system?
Discover now with us about probiotics and their importance in protecting and promoting the health of your digestive system. Find out the surprising benefits and how to integrate probiotics into your daily lifestyle, for a better life.
62% of the world's population suffers from digestive diseases

According to statistical studies, up to 40% of the world's population suffers from chronic gastrointestinal problems, and up to 62% of the population is experiencing common digestive health related problems such as pain. stomach, indigestion… However, in Vietnam, digestive health problems have not been given due attention by people in daily life.